Monday, April 28, 2008

Recycling Sucks

This video brings up some of my biggest fears about recycling:

Those fears being that recycling is a stupid waste of time that doesn't do jack squat for the environment. Now you can probably poke holes in some of Penn and Teller's arguments, but I've heard a lot of these points made on their own before.

Recycling is definitely inefficient. That is the reason why it costs so much money to recycle everything except aluminum cans. Actually, recycling aluminum costs too, but it is cheaper than mining new aluminum. Yeah, there's a reason that recycling plants cost the city rather than bringing in income. It's because recycling aluminum doesn't cover the cost of getting rid of all the other recyclables!

Meh, it is pretty easy so I guess I'll keep it up, but I wish they'd find something cheap and environmentally friendly to do with my recyclables. Maybe throw them in a landfill?

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