Friday, February 1, 2008


There are just so many things wrong with this light switch (hat tip to, original source:

Let me count a few of the wrong-ish things:

1. Just the fact that we are displaying a religious icon on a lightswitch in the first place.

2. The obviously inappropriate placement of the switch.

3. The unhappiness (or at least lack of happiness) of the children as they take a weird sidelong glance at the "switch."

4. The inscription on the plate that is somewhat worn, but seems to repeat the bible quote "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother." It's just a nice indoctrinating message for prominent placement in what was presumably a child's room. Another good argument in favor of Christianity being a cult.

. . . and I'm sure there's more, but this is plenty for now.


j- said...

Yeah, how evil of a religion to try to instill a little respect for one's parents.

Alex Grigg said...

I didn't say evil, but it is most certainly a message of indoctrination. As in, "honor thy father and mother and their religious beliefs regardless of how misguided they are, or how badly your parents act."

Granted, as well, that my interpretation isn't the only one and you can claim that this verse is a simple exhortation not to maltreat your parents. I am, however, always irked by broad commands to honor and obey without taking into account the character and reason of those who I would be obeying. I'd (hypothetically) rather not honor my mother, the murderer, or my father, the rapist. Or, for that matter, the parents who brought me up Christian and then converted to some cult that is heavily involved in human sacrifice.