Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UK Library Salaries

I put together another spreadsheet of UK Library Salaries. I have made it available through Google Docs here:


The Lexington Herald-Leader makes this salary info available on their website. All the salaries at UK can be searched here:


I've pulled out all of the salaries that have "LIBRARIES" listed as the college and I sorted those salaries from highest to lowest. Some librarians that are listed as reporting to another college, like the Law Library Director, are not included in this spreadsheet.


Bunheadky said...

Dude-- You are a glutton for punishment.

Alex Grigg said...

Hey, you've got to have a frame of reference to argue for a higher salary. I sure as heck knew I wasn't coming out near the top, but there are some other people out there who are getting a surprisingly raw deal.