Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Post

Hello world?

That's probably not really appropriate since I'm hardly coding anything, but it amuses me nonetheless.

So I'm getting into the public blog biz in order to participate in the UK Library system's Blue 2.0 program. I've had a oft neglected blog at work for some time now, but nothing that the whole world could see. I don't expect to do much library or other work-related posting here since I have too many preferable communication lines for those kinds of posts. I do see the value of a blog for the easy posting of news and informational items of interest. It definitely makes sense to me.

I suspect that this space will tend to be used by me as a general rant space when I see stupid thing that are worth yelling about . . . hence the name. It took me a bit to come up with a unique blog name that was interesting and appropriate. Not surprisingly, "Suck It!" and "Stupid Crap" were already taken. This title is probably a little more tastefully subtle anyway.

In any case, you'll see a few more Blue 2.0 posts in the coming days and weeks and I'll see if I have the inclination to do more than that.


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